Today we remember, we resist and we rise with all those on the frontlines of the climate crisis who seek justice.

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Today, the youth climate movement around the world are rising in their thousands with over 100 actions demanding that bankers, insurers and fund managers Defund Climate Chaos.

On the eve of UN climate talks, communities on the frontline of climate impacts are laying climate justice memorials outside the UK’s biggest fossil financiers to make it clear at whose doorstep the blame for the climate crisis lies.

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With enough people power, we can force financiers to defund climate chaos. Join us.

The climate crisis means “code red for humanity”. We see the reality raging around us with floods, wildfires and storms every day.

Yet whilst the planet literally burns, the UK’s biggest financiers keep pouring billions of pounds each year into fuelling the fire. Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds of London to name just a few - they still fund fossil fuels.

Climate justice demands that we harness our people power to shut off the money pipeline to oil, coal and gas immediately.


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Some frequently asked questions and answers

Banks, insurance companies and investors must immediately stop financing any new fossil fuels. That’s the very minimum needed now to limit the worst impacts of climate breakdown as highlighted in the latest IPCC report. 

The UK government has the power to regulate the UK’s financial sector - yet despite the scale of crises we face,  no one is forcing banks and investors to stop funding fossil fuel companies. They’re not legally required to align their activities with the UK or global climate commitments. So they keep pumping billions of pounds each year into fuelling the climate crisis, all in the name of profit..

Just like oil and gas companies, financiers like Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, Standard Chartered, Blackrock and Vanguard are a high carbon industry responsible for financing more pollution than even Germany or Canada.  However, they’re not legally required to align their activities with the UK or global climate commitments. 

Banks and investors are doing as little on climate action as they think they can get away with. After years of promises and pledges, they’re still investing hundreds of billions of pounds every single year in making the climate crisis worse, all in the name of profit.

So they need to be pushed through strong new laws to freeze any new fossil financing and instead marshall their huge financial power behind a just transition and bold climate action. 

Defund Climate Chaos is a joint mobilisation by a wide coalition of groups all around the world calling for an immediate end to fossil fuel financing.

You can view all the UK Defund Climate Chaos partners on our Partners page. And if your group would like to join the coalition, you can add your support by filling this short form.

From mid-April and throughout May, expect a wide range of creative actions across the UK targetting the worst fossil fuels financiers. Together we’ll be laying the blame for the climate crisis squarely at their doorsteps. 

We will be targeting Barclays, HSBC, Lloyd’s of London, Standard Chartered and Shell. There are loads of actions you can join, or you can create your own locally. Together we’ll demand that the UK stops funding climate chaos immediately. 

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Extracting more oil, coal and gas to build more fossil-fuelled infrastructure is madness. New oil wells, airports and roads built now will lock us into decades more future pollution that breach our communities and planet’s safe limits.

Imagine instead a government that regulated UK finance and invested billions not on making pollution and inequality worse but on a just transition that put justice, people and planet first.

We need to regulate UK finance to defund climate chaos and invest in win-win infrastructure solutions for communities.

Everyone deserves access to a healthy environment, dignified jobs, safe housing, renewable energy (from the sun, sea and wind), free public transport, universal healthcare, education and green spaces.

Public memorials can be a powerful way to help people see and feel the urgency of the climate crisis that surrounds us daily now. In this moment, we all need spaces to share our grief, anxiety, rage, memories and our care and solidarity for others. 

Climate Justice Memorials can allow people to come together to bring to life the stories and memories of communities harmed by the injustices of the climate crisis. By joining our individual tributes together we can memorialise the direct links between UK finance and the real people facing extreme and destructive weather. 

Chalking, painted tributes on stones, hand prints, hearts, posters, window displays, portrait photographs, candles, flowers, murals, street art, speeches and memorial services - all of these could be a part of a climate memorial held at the doorstep of the worst UK banks and investors funding climate chaos.

Read the Climate Memorial Action Guide to organise your own

There are lots of ways you can get involved without joining an action face to face - for many this may not yet be an option.  To contribute to #DefundClimateChaos remotely, we invite you to: 


This day of action is supported by a number of UK groups. We are working closely with allied networks all around the world as part of the Defund Climate Chaos global day of action.