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Barclays big secret 🤫: You’re still lending BILLIONS of dollars a year to the world’s worst fossil fuel companies. The same fossil fuel companies driving up our energy bills, making record profits, and making the climate crisis worse. When will you stop funding climate destruction? #DefundClimateChaos #StopJackdaw
It’ll be much easier to take you seriously when you stop lending billions of dollars to the fossil fuel industry. $167 BILLION since 2016?! 😡 Until you stop funding fossil fuels you’re part of the problem. #DefundClimateChaos
I refuse to listen to anything you have to say while you’re still bankrolling fossil fuel companies. It’s ridiculous 🤬. You can’t go on lending billions of dollars to the people causing the climate crisis, and expect to be taken seriously. #DefundClimateChaos
Barclays is lending billions to fossil fuel companies. The companies causing climate change and making my bills sky-rocket. You’re just as responsible for climate destruction as the fossil fuel companies. When will you stop?
Hey Barclays - STOP giving billions of dollars to fossil fuel companies. You’re ruining our planet. #DefundClimateChaos
When are you going to stop giving money to Shell? 😡 They’re causing the climate crisis AND at this very moment trying to drill in the North Sea for oil that won’t bring my bills down. Shame on you Barclays. #StopJackdaw
We must protect future generations. But you’re bankrolling the fossil fuel companies behind the climate crisis. You should be ashamed of yourself 🚨
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What next?

There’s one organisation that can stop UK banks like Barclays handing over cash to fossil fuel companies - the Bank of England. They’re already thinking about acting, but the banks are desperately trying to stop them changing the rules.

That’s why thousands of us are flooding the Bank of England, demanding that they take a stand, and stop banks funding fossil fuels. Send an email to the Bank of England now. There’s example text waiting for you if you’re not sure what to say.