#DefundClimateChaos - Barclays creative action planning session

Thursday 23 September


Banks, asset managers and insurers are funding the climate crisis, pumping billions of dollars into fossil fuels. But on October 29, people across the globe are coming together to demand an end to the financing of this deadly industry and to #DefundClimateChaos.

One of the worst offenders is Barclays. As the UK's biggest financer of coal, and Europe's largest funder of fossil fuel infrastructure, they're pouring cash directly into the industry most responsible for driving climate chaos.

During this creative planning session, we’ll be working together to plan creative actions in your area, with a focus on climate memorials. Through these memorials we will bring to life the memories of every person harmed by the injustices of the climate crisis. As people globally face extreme and destructive weather, we will come together to demand care and repair with them.

Types of memorials could include: bringing flowers, hand prints, painted stones, artwork, statues, flames, images of resistance, street murals, and could involve speeches or a public memorial service. With lots of different options, we want the shape of this action to be driven by those who take part in it.

This creative planning session will include space for everyone to share their ideas, and work collectively on the actions. This will be held over Zoom.




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