Divestment Trade Union Briefing

Tuesday 7 March



Join our Divestment briefing for Trade Union members and reps on Tuesday 7th of March in advance of UK Divest's National Day of Action on 24th March.

The cost of living crisis and the breakdown of the global climate are both symptoms of an unstable and unjust energy system, founded on fossil fuels. This is one crisis, founded on fossil fuels, and it is funded by our pension funds.

Pension funds in the UK invest £2, 000 in fossil fuels for every person in the UK, with a whopping £128 Bn of workers deferred wages propping up the companies costing us the earth. In local government, despite more than 75% of councils declaring a climate emergency, UK local authority pension funds pump over £10bn into highly polluting fossil fuels.

Investors like our pensions are gambling billions on fossil fuels, propping up a broken energy system - when they could be investing in warmer homes, renewable energy, and helping drive the transition to a future worth retiring into.

It's time to divest from crisis, and invest in our future.

Most of our unions already have Divestment supportive policies but is there more that Trade Unionists can do to support those campaigns? Pensions are deferred wages. Where they are invested should be up to us.

Hundreds of people across the UK are taking action on the 24th March 2023 to demand their local government pension funds divest from crisis and invest in our future. Find out why, and how you and your Trade union, Branch or Trades Council can get involved, or push for the divestment of your workplace pension.

This briefing will cover key information about pensions investments in Fossil Fuel extraction and the campaign to stop it. We will remind you of some achievements and highlight the work still needed to be done. This can't be done without Trade Unionists - pensions are deferred wages - workers and unions must be at the heart of demanding they divest from crisis, and invest in our future.



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