_How to Defund an Oil & Gas Field: Rosebank Fossil Finance _

Tuesday 28 March



In order to build a new fossil fuel project, companies need three things: permits, insurance, and money.

Without the big banks, insurers and investors funnelling money into catastrophic climate bomb projects, such as the proposed Rosebank North Sea oil & gas field, these projects simply cannot go ahead.

Join Elle, Fossil Finance Organiser for Tipping Point UK, in this workshop to explore how we can use Fossil Finance Campaigning as a tool to turn off the tap on climate chaos here in Scotland.
As well as an accessible introduction to Fossil Finance campaigning, we’ll be putting this new knowledge into action and planning towards a big Day of Action to target the big banks funding Rosebank.

This training will take place in person on Tuesday 28th March, starting at 6.30pm in St Francis Community Centre, Glasgow, G5 0SE.
For any questions about the workshop content, venue, or accessibility, contact Elle at [email protected]



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