Macquarie Capital: stop the toxic Silvertown Tunnel

Friday 29 October



On 29 October, we'll be joining together with groups around the world for the #DefundClimateChaos day of action.  

Join XR Greenwich and others outside Macquarie Capital for a powerful event with  to demand that they stop profitting from climate chaos.

Macquarie Capital are part of the Riverlinx Consortium, which holds the tender for the toxic Silvertown Tunnel, a £2 billion plus road infrastructure project, which will run under the Thames between East and South-East London. The Silvertown Tunnel  is incompatible with London's contribution to the UK's CO2 emissions targets and will expose local communities to even greater levels of fatal air pollution. You can read more about it here.

Time is up. We're at code red for humanity and climate justice demands that we #DefundClimateChaos now. Join us and we'll send you more details.


Macquarie Capital, 28 Ropemaker street, London, EC2Y 9HD

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