People’s AGM

Thursday 21 April



Financial companies are getting ready for their annual general meetings (AGMs), where CEOs and shareholders share their company's performance, celebrate their millions, and discuss their future strategies. But we know what their future strategy should be: #DefundingClimateChaos and stopping their investment in fossil fuels.

Join us on April 21st at 6:00 PM for our virtual Peoples AGM, where take action together to demand they do it.

For years, climate activists have been demanding at these meetings that companies do better and do more. Big banks, insurance companies and even dodgy asset managers like BlackRock have taken notice. Through our protests, petitions and online actions, we've seen companies change internal policies and pass resolutions saying they'll divest from fossil fuels.

But, sometimes those words are just greenwashing – and it's 2022, and so much more needs to be done. To meet the urgency of the climate crisis, we need to unite together and take action to increase the pressure like never before. AGMs can seem like another day in their corporate calendar, and that’s why we’ve made our own.

We'll hear from communities on the frontline of fossil fuel projects funded and insured by companies in the UK. Take action together and discus how we can make this AGM season one that focuses on climate justice rather than bumper bonuses.




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