Keep It In the Ground - Climate justice means keeping fossil fuels in the ground, right now. We need to stop new coal, oil, gas and fracking projects.

Finance Industry Defund Climate Chaos - Banks, insurers and other private financiers must stop supporting and profiting from fossil fuel extraction, and new carbon-intensive infrastructure like roads and airports.

No Public Money Fuelling Climate Breakdown - Public money must stop being given to polluting industries through our central banks, pension funds, and government subsidies.

Climate Reparations - Polluters and finance executives that profit from causing climate chaos, must pay climate reparations for the harms they drive around the world.

Finance Transaction Tax - We need a Financial Transaction Tax to pay for loss and damages caused by climate chaos and support to invest in good, green jobs through a Global Green New Deal, especially for workers transitioning from high carbon industries and projects and those hit the hardest by climate impacts, Covid-19, and precarity.

Democratise the Finance Industry - Together we need to democratise the financial industry to force a just transition and ensure energy access for all.