Protect the NHS. Support the strikers.

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Stand in solidarity with NHS picket lines

Thousands of brave nurses, ambulance and NHS workers will be walking out over pay and conditions and to save our NHS. Join them on the picket lines to show your support and gratitude for the NHS.

Find your nearest strike and keep scrolling for ideas on how to show your solidarity on the picket lines on 18th, 19th and 23rd January and beyond.

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Window posters

A really easy action you can take to support the NHS workers on strike is to print off our Pay NHS Heroes A Hero’s Wage poster and put it up in your window.

Put them up at home, at work, at school, in local shop windows, anywhere and everywhere! Scroll on for online versions to share on socials too.

This beautiful linocut poster was created by Suzy Riot

Solidarity Action Guide

There’s lots of ways to show your solidarity - from window posters to massive banner drops or simply showing up on the picket lines with some solidari-tea and biscuits for strikers.

Read the action guide for more ideas and resources to help build a massive wave of public support for NHS workers.

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Show your support online

Share the example tweets belowon the right

#NHS Workers deserve a raise, not empty praise, claps and pay cuts. I support the striking nurses and #FairPayForNursing. Show your support today so nurses know we stand with them to protect our NHS. #solidarity
Join me in supporting the 10,000s NHS nurses on strike. See a map of strikes on 15 December and add your solidarity message here:
Nurses and NHS workers need a massive show of public support. Put up a window poster to support NHS workers on strike:
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Watch our workshop

Click here: Picket line conversations on health and climate justice

How do you start conversations to connect health workers concerns with climate justice on the picket line? How do you link the climate crisis with cost of living crisis & the workers’ demands? What are the pitfalls to avoid?

Join this training to gain tips and confidence in having those conversations. This session will pay particular attention to the connections between health and climate justice to support your conversations and show solidarity on the picket lines.


Could you contribute to the nurses strike fund? Donate and find out other ways your can support on the Royal College of Nurses Strike Hub

Register a solidarity action

Let’s show striking NHS workers that millions of us around the country stand with them. Register today and you’ll receive resources and support to organise an NHS solidarity action where you live.

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Solidarity Actions

It’s a really hard decision for NHS nurses and ambulance workers to go out on strike. They want to be on the frontline saving lives, not standing out on the cold picket lines. We need to show them we are with them through a massive wave of public support and warm gratitude.

Don’t see anything planned where you live yet? Scroll on to get everything you need to organise some solidarity (and warm solidari-tea & biscuits!) for NHS nurses where you live.