Make a climate justice lantern in 3 steps

At 6pm from Friday 29th October until the end of the Glasgow climate talks, thousands of people around the country will light a lantern to shine light on their hopes for climate justice.

Here’s how to make your own and join in.

What you’ll need:

  • Large glass jar(s) with straight sides
  • Some wire, ribbon or pipe cleaners for handles
  • Battery powered fairy lights or tea lights
  • Defund Climate Chaos newspaper or your own tissue paper and printed images on thin paper.
  • White glue
  • Paintbrush and scissors


Step one - Design your lantern

  • Think about the climate crisis, the people, places and things that you want to protect. Pick something personal to you or that touched you.
  • Think of a simple a design mixing colours, words and images that will shine through lantern. Think about how your words or design will shine through when lit from the inside.
  • Prepare your materials, eg. using strips of coloured tissue paper, cut outs from this newspaper, pens and thin paper.

Step 2 - Make your lantern

  • Wash and dry your jar
  • Attach a handle around the rim of your lantern
  • Paint a thin layer of glue on the outside of the jar with a paintbrush
  • Place your design elements where you want them
  • Cover with a final layer of glue and leave to dry

Step 3 - Light your lantern at 6pm

  • Tell your friends and neighbours and encourage them to make their own lanterns
  • At 6pm on Friday 29th October, light your lantern in your window, on your doorstep or at one of several vigils and memorial events.
  • Share a picture or short video message with your lantern on social media using #ClimateMemorial and #DefundClimateChaos
    • You can also submit your best photo here

Just days before world leaders gather in Glasgow for last-chance COP26 climate talks, climate justice memorials will be laid outside some of the UK institutions with the most outsized impact on fuelling the climate crisis: banks, insurers and investors who fund fossil fuels. Find out more at

We invite you to light your lantern for climate justice every evening from 6pm on Friday 29th until the end of the COP26 climate talks on November 12th.