1. Make a copy of the letter below and adapt it for your action.
  2. Print out copies to share with any workers who may be impacted by your action.

Dear [your target] staff,

We’re here today to stage a
[protest / action description] , to urge [target] to [your demand].

Please be aware that our activities are not targeted at you or other staff here today, and that we have taken measures to make today’s [protest / action] as safe as possible for everyone.

[if during covid spike] All participants in the event were tested negative for COVID-19 this morning and are wearing masks. We have designed our interventions today to maximise social distancing. We know that COVID-19 has created a really difficult time for staff and workers, with a number of you working during the pandemic and struggling with your own important health & safety protections. 

We also know that [controversial activities of the target] is decided by the [management and Trustees], not by the frontline staff and workers. We’re aware that the centralised, unaccountable decision-making structures at [target] are also affecting the rights of workers in this building.

We support the [name any relevant union for your target’s sector] in their campaigns for better working conditions for all [sector] staff, and have been inspired by the past [protests / support / solidarity [research and cite relevant examples] shown by your workers. We stand in solidarity with you.

Our quarrel is not with you but with the [include a paragraph with more details about the purpose of your action. For example, ]  

We have made the following preparations to minimise the impact of our action on ordinary workers like you at [your target[ today including:

  • eg. organised stewards to ensure social distancing and mask-wearing by participants
  • eg. a clean-up crew to support with removing / cleaning up after our action
  • eg. arranged a police/security liaison person who can be reached on XXXXXXXXX

[spokesperson name and role in the group taking action] said:

“add a short quote here about the goals and importance of your action and the real decision-makers it is targeted to emphasise you are not targeting workers or specific individuals

Each of us here today and [number of supporters] who couldn’t make it, believes that it’s time for [your target]  to [your demand]. We hope you’ll understand the inconvenience caused by our actions today and show your support for our actions today to protect our common future.

We’re interested in your thoughts on all this so please do feel free to talk to us today, and in the future.

Name of group

Website | @Twitter handle | @Instagram handle | #hashtag you’re using